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I love blogging, but when I sit indoors for most of a week the blog-topic light bulbs don’t even flicker in my brain, much less illuminate an interesting idea.  Cerebral power outage is the best way to describe the situation, … Continue reading

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Time goes by

It’s been a quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s.  Reading, baking, walking, seeing a few friends, writing things-to-do-lists for some future date, since I’m way too lazy this week to do more than think about accomplishing anything.   We … Continue reading

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Holiday spirit

This week I saw a blog by one of my ESL students, in which she posted the three Christmas cards she had made in last week’s class, and praised her creative teachers. Following this, I received an email from old … Continue reading

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A profusion of passwords, or is it a plethora?

Yesterday, for the one hundredth time, I had to look into a small notebook of passwords, which I began keeping when I retired, to find my Yahoo! email password, which I couldn’t remember.  I thought it was similar to my … Continue reading

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Christmas cookie smackdown!

Look at these beauties, which represent the work of four of us who have been friends since the beginning of time, or at least for the last 30 – 40 years: Marilyn, Roberta, Sylvia and I. Only Barb couldn’t join … Continue reading

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Impress-ive work

“This is good.  I very happy,” announced Quixian, as she held up her first creation and smiled.  It wasn’t our typical ESL class.   It was the last week of school before the holiday break, some students already had left town, … Continue reading

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Permission to come aboard…and shop

This month some of the local food producers collaborated to create an indoor winter farmers’ market, where they’re selling vegetables such as kale, radicchio, carrots, and several varieties of squash; artisan breads, pies, and chocolates; squid-ink tagliatelle — aka egg … Continue reading

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Communication breakdown between brain and body

A friend wrote in her Christmas card that after retirement she decided to return to a former passion that lasted from childhood through her teenage years, namely, ballet.  After only two sessions, she had to admit that her body was … Continue reading

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Gag gift exchanges are a gas

Gag gift exchange parties should be viewed as learning experiences.  I still consider myself a novice in the fine art of choosing unpleasant gifts, and have come to accept that it will take many years of study to raise my … Continue reading

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Getting rid of the evidence

I have too much stuff.  It’s likely that you do too, but I guess that’s beside the point.  This is the time of year when new things arrive at my house (okay, to be more truthful, I bring them in) … Continue reading

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