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My most alliterative blog post — about a pen, a poem, some paintings and predictability

Lately I’ve felt like my life needed a little less predictability and a little more spontaneity. One reason for the feeling was that last week I spent an afternoon writing and emailing a news release to various media outlets, after … Continue reading

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Nowhere have you seen sock animals like these

I went to Nowhere yesterday to visit Donna, a friend with whom I used to work. Nowhere is located about 30 miles from where I live.  It calls itself a city, though its central business district of about two square … Continue reading

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Get a “50% boost in longevity”

I encountered validation for my New Year’s resolution (see one blog before this) — to renew or keep up connections with former co-workers and friends I met through work — from an unlikely source:  “Scientific American.”  The bold headline in … Continue reading

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“Rabbit” represents calm year ahead

Happy Year of the Rabbit, which doesn’t begin officially until February 3.  According to one of the many Chinese horoscopes on-line, the “Rabbit brings in a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves.”  Most people I know … Continue reading

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