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Finally “Out of India”

I finished reading a book today, an act not worthy of mention if it were not for the book’s length:  1,474 pages of small type. Not only was its length a challenge, so was its weight.  The title of the book … Continue reading

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“Gardens of earthly delights”

Imagine waking up to snow high enough to cover your day lilies (which decided to start sprouting leaves in late January), and a few hours later walking past flower beds filled with fragrant hyacinth, honeysuckle and daphne odora.  The contrast between indoors and … Continue reading

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“Hula hoop” is a verb

Shortly after buying a hula hoop last summer, I moved it from a spot downstairs where I couldn’t miss it to a hiding place upstairs.  I had read about hula hoops as the latest exercise craze:  stand in front of your … Continue reading

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Winter light inspires rhyming doggerel

I love winter light and yesterday’s was especially good for taking photos, not so contrasty that shadows were muddied and objects in sunlight were blinding.  I’ve included a bit of rhyming doggerel to set the scene. Walking near Juanita Bay … Continue reading

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When is acceptance of a situation better than changing it?  As a product of the sixties, I remember well my generation’s belief that just about everything, not only the Vietnam War, but conventional norms and OUR PARENTS, needed to change. … Continue reading

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Cooking as a social event

I can foresee a new Food Network show now that my kitchen has become an international cooking center.  Here’s how the show would work:  I invite good cooks from different countries to my kitchen to prepare dishes they love, while a few … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

One version of the origin of Valentine’s day goes back to 270 A.D. when a bishop by this name clashed with Roman Emperor Claudius II, who had prohibited young men to marry based on his belief that matrimony would interfere … Continue reading

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Without music, life would be a mistake. — Nietzsche

We were treated to two musical performances this past week.  In one, friends who came to dinner, including our former piano teacher, performed several piano-clarinet duets in the comfort of our living room.  For the second concert we bought tickets … Continue reading

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Orchids aRn’t us

Orchid names don’t roll off the palate. Try pronouncing phalaenopsis, paphiopedilum, dendrobium, phragmapedium and oncidium quickly and you’ll find your tongue in knots. Try making the orchids you once fell in love with re-bloom, orchids you carefully transported from a nursery into your … Continue reading

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Yellowed pages

Who were my ancestors and what were they like? Not just my parents and grandparents, but those who came before them.  Most of us don’t ask these questions until we get older, probably because we’re too focused on ourselves to … Continue reading

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