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My Spanish teacher, Eva Luna

Eva Luna, the lead character of a telenovela, not the heroine in the Isabel Allende novel, is my current teacher for keeping my Spanish alive, now that I’m not working and am spending less time with native Spanish speakers.  A … Continue reading

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Traveling in reverse

A friend told me that her mother just retired from her long-time job as a prison guard and didn’t know what to do with herself.  She hadn’t wanted to retire, but apparently had reached mandatory retirement age.  Luckily I never … Continue reading

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Micro lunch

The highlight of my day was being treated to lunch in a Microsoft cafeteria and getting close enough to a couple of Microsoft objets d’art to snap photos, all the while getting tips on how to increase visits to my … Continue reading

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Treat yourself right

Thanks to the blog Daily Good, I regularly find topics to write on that interest me and will likely be of interest to others.  Today’s is self-compassion.  New York Times writer Tara Parker-Pope summarizes the big ideas in a book coming … Continue reading

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Sew what?

I am quickly advancing up the evolutionary sewing ladder.  From sock animals — reptiles and birds  (hey! it’s a penguin) — in January, to mammals in February. What could possibly be March’s evolutionary development you ask, astonished that anyone with my … Continue reading

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Second childhood

It’s only been a few weeks since I celebrated the end of a two-month stretch immersed in a nearly-1500 page book, which I have since donated to the library to be suffered through by some other compulsively stubborn reader.  And … Continue reading

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High and outside in Winthrop, WA

You probably wouldn’t go to Winthrop, WA (pop. 373) on vacation if you were looking for elegantly dressed crowds or any crowds at all, swanky lodging, a fast pace or a full menu of choices in fine dining.  You might … Continue reading

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Lunch anyone?

Eagles barreling through the canyon hoping to spot a fish in the icy Chewuch River below, then stopping to rest on a branch above our porch.  A small doe wandering nearly camouflaged at the river’s edge in search of grass and … Continue reading

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Kobe, Columbine, Sendai: for me they’re connected

Watching video of the destruction caused by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami is horrifying.  I have friends and acquaintances who are affected, who are comforted by knowing their families are safe, but still suffering from seeing endless video of all … Continue reading

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Much ado over nothing

Before I got up yesterday morning I mapped out my day.  Easy to do since I decided that I would do nothing (except maybe read and rest).  For two days straight I had run from one event to another from early … Continue reading

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