Sew what?

I am quickly advancing up the evolutionary sewing ladder.  From sock animals — reptiles and birds  (hey! it’s a penguin) — in January, to mammals in February.

What could possibly be March’s evolutionary development you ask, astonished that anyone with my sewing talents could lay claim to stitchery more advanced than two sock kitties and a red-faced, red-butted sock monkey.  Think again.  Today I claimed victory over the tortilla warmer, 100% cotton, vegetable designs not animal facsimiles, and not made from socks. (In an effort toward unnecessary full disclosure, I’ll add that having my sewing buddy Donna say from time to time, “Here,  I’ll take care of that hard part,” furthered my quest to reach this higher evolutionary rung.)

Note:  As your sewing projects get more sophisticated, so does the cost of fabric, and fabric shopping can become addictive.  Cotton from fabric stores — cotton from anywhere for that matter — is much higher on the evolutionary price scale than what you find in the Target store’s children’s socks department.   Next month, more potential advances:  place mats.  I just need to go shopping for more fabric.

About stillalife

I retired June 30, 2010 after working for 40 years in the field of education and most recently doing school public relations/community outreach in a mid-size urban school district. I wrote for superintendents and school board members. Now I'm writing for me and I hope for you. In this blog, I offer my own views coupled with the latest research on how to preserve our physical and mental health as we age, delve into issues most of us over 50 can relate to like noticing wrinkles and forgetting where we left our keys, discuss the pros and cons of different ways to engage our minds and bodies after we leave the workplace, and throw in an occasional book review, all peppered with a touch of humor, irony, and just plain silliness. Also, I'm on the third draft of my second novel since retirement.
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1 Response to Sew what?

  1. Marilyn says:

    Is that a red-faced, red-butted, lactating monkey? Very cool!
    I want to make colorful snakes for my drafty windowsills.

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