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Liable to libel

I insulted physical therapists in yesterday’s blog, which I knew would bring forth a comment from physical therapist (PT) friend Jack.   Here’s what he said in an email with the subject line “libel complaint.”  What a slam at all … Continue reading

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The sound of one hand blogging

Note to readers:  I had shoulder surgery last Friday and am struggling to become proficient as a one-handed blogger, at least for a month, which is how long I must wear a sling.  Thus the title for this post.  If … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the past year

The local public schools are closed for the summer, and since that’s where I spent much of my career, I’m reminded that it’s been about a year since I retired.  Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my first year away from … Continue reading

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A “world of dew”

A few years ago…okay, five years back, the thought of turning sixty did not make me happy.  I told friends, facetiously, that I could only imagine two possible ways to confront this milestone: slit my wrists or have a big … Continue reading

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From sympathy to empathy

My mom died Wednesday.  Thankfully, both her caregiver, Gabriela, and I were with her, so I won’t have to spend the rest of my life imagining her dying alone, wondering whether she was at peace, or whether she felt pain. … Continue reading

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A long goodbye

As I sit by my mother’s bedside, stewing about whether hospice care is a great mercy or an unnecessarily lengthy ordeal for both patient and family, I don’t feel capable of writing a blog post.  Hospice definitely makes for a … Continue reading

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“Corpse flower” allures more than insects

Standing in line for a 30-minute wait outside a greenhouse on the University of Washington campus, I started preparing myself mentally for the odor that would envelop me once I got inside.  Yes, odor.  I was about to enter the … Continue reading

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Taking care

My 92-year-old mother has been in the hospital for the last four days.   As of today, it’s hard to tell whether she will leave the hospital in slightly improved health or will be ready for hospice care in the adult family … Continue reading

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Becoming my own “tiger mom”

Saturday night, my husband and I heard the Charles Lloyd Quartet with Zakir Hussain. It was a spectacular evening.  We had heard Mr. Lloyd once before, maybe 30 years ago, and were as impressed now as we were then.  He … Continue reading

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Traveling heavy with U2

Travel blog writer Jackie Smith often tells me that she travels light, only taking with her what fits into just one suitcase. Perhaps she could be an inspiration to Bono and U2, who are performing tonight in Seattle and bringing … Continue reading

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