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Another Vancouver gem

While Vancouver’s mosaic tiles may be semi-precious gems, the Museum of Anthropology on the University of British Columbia campus is a diamond, emerald and ruby all in one.  Just as strolling through the city earlier this week yielded aha’s from our … Continue reading

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Vancouver, BC: mostly a friendly city

Vancouver is an arty city, so after spending a day in the museum, we decided to take to the streets.  Visitors to downtown Vancouver can find semi-buried treasure thanks to the Downtown Business Improvement Association, which commissioned the Mosaic Art … Continue reading

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Worlds apart?

Today, we’re looking at art created on two continents five thousand miles apart, and separated in age by a little less than a century: “contemporary aboriginal art” from the Pacific Northwest Coast and Surrealist art from Paris.  Both are in … Continue reading

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Bumper tomato crop

While the rest of the U.S. boils, bakes and fries under a torrid sun, we in the Northwest are starting to mildew.  The weather situation is so bad that a local TV station meteorologist cum blogger made the front page of  The Seattle … Continue reading

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Putting a lid on trolls

I just saw a quirky, Norwegian movie called “Troll Hunters,” which opened in 2010 in smaller movie markets across the U.S.  It’s a credit to most readers of this blog that they have not heard of it, much less seen … Continue reading

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Reading as a cure for nearly everything

As someone who loves to curl up with a book — any book, good or otherwise — I was interested to read an article about “bibliotherapy,” in an on-line magazine called Ode, which came to me via the DailyGood newsletter.  It … Continue reading

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The beauty of blogging

Today I’m replying to an interesting comment made by Sharon in response to my last posting: “Ann, you write, ‘I like the challenge of trying to turn everyday experiences into blogs.’  That sounds a bit like people who travel who … Continue reading

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Blundering into a blog

I like the challenge of trying to turn everyday experiences into blogs. Earlier this week I took a friend named Ross Hunter to lunch, someone I met at least ten years ago before he became well-known.   He treated me to lunch last … Continue reading

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Worthy of biographies

“Every human life is worth a biography if only we could find the right author.”  Ruby Ewan, retired school teacher from Montana Yesterday we held a memorial service for my mother, and David Kratz, the minister conducting the service, wove … Continue reading

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How do we spend our days?

People who are nearing retirement either dream of or fret about the time when they will have eight extra hours a day to take it easy.  A friend just sent me a recent report that should dishearten the dreamers and … Continue reading

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