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Stories to mystify, exact revenge and embarrass

Storytelling was the subject of my last blog, that is, how stories passed on within a culture affect behavior and beliefs of members of that culture.  Today, I’m thinking about other kinds of stories, the silly ones that get told … Continue reading

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Stories to create and preserve traditions

We all love a good story, but usually don’t think about the role stories play in our lives. In traditional societies, story telling helps preserve customs, pass on important knowledge and set behavioral norms.  According to the blog Architecture and … Continue reading

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Return to sender

We are interrupting our normal off-the-wall commentary to bring you this special warning blog post. True story.  Nobody knows for certain how it happened, so it’s easy to believe that it could not happen to you or to me.  Or … Continue reading

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We only want comments from the living

“Never say ‘no comment’ when talking to reporters.”  When I started my career I heard this mantra from every school PR professional I met.  The first thing to understand is that no one is ever tempted to say, “No comment,” … Continue reading

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A weapon of Muse destruction

Non-profit boards, agencies, churches and school systems all have their hooks baited to reel in the newly retired as volunteers.  Who can blame them?  Often we have time, money, a social conscience, and are used to…well, working.  Right now I … Continue reading

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Think of us as Chardonnay and chicken

Anyone who walks for health needs a sidekick striding beside them, the kind of person who can keep them so engaged in conversation that the miles mount up almost unnoticed.  My walking pal is Ronna Weltman, school and community volunteer, … Continue reading

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Don’t lose face and don’t take off your clothes in church

“Never lose face,” was the motto a friend and I adopted years ago.  The pressure to live by such a stuffy guiding principle came after we presented a workshop on an icy winter night in a forest retreat center housed … Continue reading

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Poker faces don’t age well

When I was younger I felt certain that sadness and aging were companions united in a conspiracy to ruin the last years of a life.  After all, everyone I knew in their sixties and older experienced aches, couldn’t play sports … Continue reading

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Acting as if there were no future

“…25% of our happiness depends on our ability to manage stress,” says researcher Robert Epstein.  He bases this conclusion on surveys of “3,000 participants in the U.S. and 29 other countries” and suggests we should be “fighting stress before it even starts, … Continue reading

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What does summer mean to you?

“How was your summer? Great, how was yours? What did you do?” This is a conversation I find myself in now that kids are back in school, backyard bats start hunting by 8 o’clock, and I need to wear a … Continue reading

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