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Ukulele playing requires “tiny bubbles”

No sooner had I posted a piece about how humbling is the experience of being a beginner in a new field, in my case taking a hot glass class, when a new opportunity to show how little I knew popped … Continue reading

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Through beginner’s eyes

Good teachers understand what it’s like to be a student. That’s what a middle school principal told me years ago, when I described my humbling experience while taking a hot glass course. I learned that sticking a metal rod into a … Continue reading

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Keeping smart and happy

Can we stay smart and happy as we age?  A link to a New York Times article sent by a friend led me to MIDUS, a national study of health and wellbeing in the U.S. as it relates to aging.  From … Continue reading

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Learning from loss

Over breakfast this morning two friends were sharing their stories about losing pets. One told us how sad she was that her neighbors had recently put down their dog, an animal that she knew well.  The other talked about a … Continue reading

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Sharing a tradition

Yesterday, my fellow English conversation class teachers and I held our second annual Valentines baking event for our adult students.  We learned from last year’s experience that this year we needed to simplify.  Instead of baking five kinds of cookies, … Continue reading

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Pets are good for our health

Sunday we celebrated the annual Pet’s Memorial Service in my church.  One inspiration for this celebration comes from ancient stone sculptures of the reclining Buddha, who is gravely ill and surrounded by people and animals that have come to pay … Continue reading

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Christmas on the first day of spring

Today, friends and I enjoyed the unofficial first day of spring along with a late Christmas.  We originally intended to celebrate a trio of events that included a birthday party, but sadly, the birthday girl called in sick leaving the … Continue reading

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Want to look younger? Make faces

Sunday afternoon my husband and I found ourselves lying on our backs, rolling our heads from side to side while moving our tongues and eyes in the opposite direction.  We also pressed our fingertips in circles around our eye sockets … Continue reading

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Taking comfort from Michelangelo

“If you knew the time it took me to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful.” Michelangelo I reread this quote often as I take one step forward followed by one step back in my writing class.  Not only … Continue reading

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