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Killiing the chill of a Seattle day

Crocheting has changed a lot since my grandmother made doilies — like the sample to the left — to cover the tops of chests of drawers and set on sofa armrests. New York artist Xenobia Bailey has taken crocheting to … Continue reading

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Why they’re the “Golden Years”

Ever since a friend recommended an “affordable” hotel in Madrid and told me the price, I’ve been in shock. For those of you who plan to travel in your “Golden Years,” be assured that you’ll need a lot of gold … Continue reading

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To the victor belongs the carrots

“Victory Garden” once referred to the vegetable and fruit gardens American civilians planted in backyards, parks and other public places to relieve pressure on those producing food for our troops during World War I and World War II.  Today, my … Continue reading

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New Spam fan

I realize that after I savored yesterday’s delicious Italian lunch — lasagna, a spinach dish, gnocchi with pesto, artichokes, sangria, wine and tiramisu — it’s almost callous today to bring up the subject of Spam. But I must, because Blundering … Continue reading

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A wrinkle of time

The best places for wrinkles are the surfaces of prunes, raisins, cerebral cortices, some kinds of mushrooms, and shar peis. Yet this week, dozens of fine lines marring my cheeks appeared without my permission or any advanced warning.  They are easiest to see … Continue reading

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Timeless or less time?

Within the last 12 months I’ve had friends diagnosed with cancer (the latest being the man who has cut my hair for more than 30 years), one die from cancer, and, thankfully, two successfully treated for cancer.  I expect that … Continue reading

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Learning from a disaster

I attended a memorial service marking the first anniversary of the disastrous earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  The keynote speaker noted, as news commentators did this time last year, that “the reaction and response of the people of Japan — especially the sense of … Continue reading

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Pills for prejudice?

A pill to mediate racism?  That’s a possibility suggested in a recent study by an Oxford, England, psychologist and a philosopher, on the effect of a beta blocker on subconscious racial prejudices. (A beta blocker is a drug for heart patients that, among other … Continue reading

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A truffle for the teacher

Is there ever an age at which students no longer care what their teacher thinks about their work?  My answer is no.  I thought of this after reviewing the feedback filling the margins of a scene from my slowly evolving … Continue reading

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Music can heal, but not the instruments

Apparently, listening to and playing music does wonders for our memories and our mental health.  So says “lifehacker,” whose blog I landed on, but have no recollection how.  Obviously I need to listen to music more often if I’m to … Continue reading

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