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Five more keys to a better life

On yesterday’s blog I shared five keys to better mental health.  Today, I’m adding five more keys, which, when combined with the earlier list adds up to “Ten Keys to Happier Living,” according to the British Action for Happiness Network. … Continue reading

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Five keys to a healthy mind

Today’s five keys to a healthy mind come from the work of a United Kingdom government think tank, called the Foresight Project on Mental Capital. These keys have to do with our interactions in the world around us.  They are: *Connect to … Continue reading

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Self-esteem vs. self-compassion

Self-esteem, whether in children or adults, is a major target of the self-help movement. Self-esteem in our culture is closely connected to winning, showing ourselves as stronger, smarter, faster, harder working or more talented than others.  That’s one reason researcher … Continue reading

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Generations’ gaps

The period in which we were born sets the stage for what happens in our lives, good and bad. I’m not talking about a life determined by the convergence of stars and planets but one affected by the generation we … Continue reading

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Brain fitness

Does keeping busy keep you healthy?  Maybe.  As far as I know, researchers haven’t yet tested people who choose to behave like hamsters, moving quickly but without purpose. But a recent report on National Public Radio says they have tested people who … Continue reading

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Virtual aging

We are often dissatisfied, not only about the big things in life, but also with the small ones.  We wish we had ordered a different dish at a restaurant as soon as we take a bite.  The library book we’ve … Continue reading

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Traveling light

On Saturday, in anticipation of a trip to Spain, my husband and I attended a class to learn how to pack a suitcase.  While this may seem akin to taking a class on tying one’s shoes, if you saw how we … Continue reading

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Homage to morning walks with friends

Some people like to work out alone and others prefer to watch TV or listen to music; I like to exercise in company.  Not that solitude doesn’t play a role in my life.  Writer and poet May Sarton explains the … Continue reading

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Keep moving

Latest health headline:  regular exercise isn’t enough; if you dare to sit down during the day, you’re going to die early.  This is only a slight exaggeration of the conclusions of  “Meet the Active Couch Potato” (New York Times, April 4). … Continue reading

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Don’t try this at home

I’m chalking up the entire mess in the kitchen to the fact that we never lived in a home with a dishwasher until 2008. It’s not that I wouldn’t have made the same mistake if I had spent my whole … Continue reading

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