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Act 3 of life

What do actress, exercise instructor and activist Jane Fonda, and the newest member of my writing class have in common?  They’re living in what Ms. Fonda calls the Third Act — the last three decades of their lives — or as my … Continue reading

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Is dystopian literature like The Hunger Games a new trend?

Is dystopian literature gaining in popularity now and, if so, why?  Dystopian literature refers to stories set in states (according to my on-line dictionary) ones “in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically totalitarian or environmentally degraded ones,” in other words, the opposite of utopian.  This … Continue reading

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Blue trees: signs of spring?

The April 2nd warm weather brought out daffodils, dog walkers, gardeners, bike riders, and blue trees.  According to an explanatory bookmark a man handed us at today’s downtown Seattle tree-painting event, “Trees are largely invisible in our busy urban lives. … Continue reading

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