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Reframing when facing life’s detours

It’s so easy to complain.  The reasons may change from season to season and person to person, but we all do it. Lately, crews have torn up roads in our area, contractors and the transportation dept. have closed bridges and … Continue reading

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Dancing to honor the dead

Dancing for the dead is a time-honored tradition at the annual Seattle Bon Odori festival, which is why I stumbled through three dances last Sunday to pay my respects to my mother and two friends who died within the last … Continue reading

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Have you found your tribe?

Everyone who has set a personal or professional goal needs a tribe.  “Tribe” as it’s used these days refers to a group of people who are connected, have a leader, are passionate about a common cause or idea, and use specific … Continue reading

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Pitching my novel to an agent

The highlight of my year came last week at the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association  annual conference. What set this conference apart from all the others I’ve attended was “The Power Pitch Block,” ninety-minute periods in which a few hundred supplicants … Continue reading

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“Happiness Project” creates unexpected happiness…for me

The last few days I’ve taken a vacation from blogging, also from paying bills, practicing the ukulele, and reading my almost-overdue library books. I’ve taken a break from other things, too.  The vacation was a natural response to reading the … Continue reading

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Paying attention to the world outside us

While I’d like to pay close attention to my surroundings year round, I find it easiest to do so in summer.  A covered patio, sunny days and warm evenings give me the means and opportunity to commit the crime of … Continue reading

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And more on clutter

Just when I thought I had said all that needed to be said on the topic of clutter (Good solution to problem of clutter),  I ran across more information in an unexpected place, a memoir called The Happiness Project, in … Continue reading

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Homage to a Blundering Blogger

Sadly, the Blundering Bloggers membership is down by one-third, after the loss of our education issues blogger, Richard W. (Dick) Clark, who died last Friday. I knew Dick originally as a Deputy Superintendent of a school system, obviously someone many … Continue reading

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Good solution to problem of clutter

Note:  I posted this last week and saw today that it had disappeared, so I’m trying one more time. Apologies to those who are receiving it a second time. Clutter is a killer.  Do an online search for “house clutter … Continue reading

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Next vacation leave the gadgets at home

Have you ever found that your summer vacation didn’t quite live up to the expectations you began entertaining months earlier? Did you dream of having time for relaxation, enjoying a break from everyday responsibilities, and instead find that your work … Continue reading

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