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Such a blonde

Ideas for writing topics can come from everywhere, including the spam collector on this blog.  I was showing my husband the latest accumulation of spam messages when he spotted this one: “Bonjour I’m Sarah I’m such a blonde but I … Continue reading

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Hawaiian music without the bubbles

In my youth I thought the ukulele, as well as the songs played on it, were among the purest examples of what my peers and I called “lame.”  (Funny how the word has resurfaced in recent years and seems to … Continue reading

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Giving thanks

The day before this Thanksgiving, I find myself being grateful for the same thing I most appreciated when working:  time off.  For three and a half days I have nothing scheduled — no appointments, no coffee or lunch dates, no looming … Continue reading

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War and politics

It’s getting harder to distinguish politics from war. Participants in both talk about campaigns, battlegrounds, and victors. I imagine that those candidates who are complaining they lost because their national parties didn’t send money consider themselves collateral damage. A week … Continue reading

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I used to be polite

I used to be polite.  Now I make exceptions, especially with unwanted callers. We screen our calls with caller ID. This means that occasionally we miss a few friends at the moment they call because we don’t recognize their cell … Continue reading

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Money as a motivator

Yesterday I summed up my activities of the past year to a friend: “I’ve spent countless hours working on a project with no end or tangible rewards in sight, and yet I’m obsessed with it. It makes no sense, but … Continue reading

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The attraction of distractions

Every working person I know feels busy, way too busy. What I’ve discovered is that you don’t have to go the office every day to induce the same feeling. Like most other retirees, I have trouble finding enough time in the … Continue reading

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