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Ukulele, the spirit of Aloha

Nestled among the stars of Waikiki’s Kalakaua Avenue — Coach, Tiffany and Co., Gucci, Yves St. Laurent — and the hotels listed with four of these $$$$ beside their names, lies the humble Ukulele Puapua store. Ukuleles crafted from koa, walnut, spruce, mango  and … Continue reading

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Underwater adventure

You can find Honolulu tourist activities that take place well above sea level — helicopter rides and parasailing  — ones that occur right at sea level — whale watching, sailing  and surfing — and several underwater. ( Surfers spend short … Continue reading

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Hawaiian color for those still waiting for spring

This time of year, those of us who live in the northern temperate zone, which Wikipedia calls the “tepid  latitudes,” begin to stretch and wake up from winter with the arrival of the pastels of cherry and apple blossoms, and … Continue reading

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Not just tourists?

How long does it take to switch from being “just a tourist” to living a bit more like the locals when you visit a new city and why would anyone want to make this switch? I ask this question, because … Continue reading

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One thing all women can agree on

I don’t know anyone under thirty, which puts me at odds with the popular view of my youth that we were not to trust anyone over thirty. I do know, however, that generational differences make for interesting conversation. I just … Continue reading

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Spam editing and spy rings

I’ve been thinking about a new job opportunity.  The need for positions like the one I have in mind is great, though I’m not certain those who could use it the most would admit they have a problem or that … Continue reading

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“Pickled Okra” and other bluegrass confections

Ever heard of “Pickled Okra,” “Polecat,” or The Seldom Scene”?  I hadn’t either until our neighbors offered us their Saturday tickets to this year’s annual Wintergrass, a Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival. We decided to give it a try.  The … Continue reading

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