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He’s only a little grouchy and the food is good

Last night three friends and I went to dinner at a restaurant where the owner’s rules and idiosyncrasies kept the adrenaline flowing. We had to keep on our toes to survive.  What we experienced wasn’t a complete surprise.  One member … Continue reading

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Going where the story takes you

Hear the word “research” and what comes to mind?  Laboratories teeming with pink-eyed rodents? Spreadsheets filled with statistics? Undergraduate student volunteers taking tests to predict how likely they are to do x or y when faced with an impossible choice? … Continue reading

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Everyday mindfulness

“Let it go. Let it go it. Let it go.”  Not lyrics to a popular song, but advice given by a friend to his wife, my husband and me, all three victims of insomnia. Over dinner last week, we were … Continue reading

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