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Post-Thanksgiving reflections

Thanksgiving has passed. We’ve all expressed our gratitude for family, friends, turkey and stuffing. Or have we?  Were you annoyed when Aunt Rose complained that the mashed potatoes had lumps? Did sibling rivalry hijack the camaraderie you were hoping to … Continue reading

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My almost Parisian tablecloth

My Thanksgiving tablecloth, which I’ve already laid out on the dining room table has a checkered (pun intended) history. It began last August when my friend Claudia made me a birthday lunch and we carried it to a covered picnic … Continue reading

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Your travel agent knows best

Whenever my husband and I plan vacations we feel the pull of big cities.  We feed on museums, culture, a gazillion food choices, and the energy that comes from many people living and moving about in one place. Up to a … Continue reading

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The comparison trap

Even healthy, well-adjusted people fall into the comparison trap. One version of this is ego-crushing: he or she is my age but looks younger, thinner, more handsome/beautiful, makes more money, drives a more expensive car.  The opposite version boosts our … Continue reading

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Kermit and the ghost of Halloweens past

Yesterday, the pirate on the bus, a leopard, a Pinterest girl (giant pushpin in hair and large P on chest) at Starbucks, and the witches wandering around town, as well as the lucky children who received a large Kit Kat … Continue reading

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