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A small world for people and cats

Even if scientists have shown it takes more than six steps to connect any two people in the world, experience tells us that the small world factor is often at work. The day after my husband and I adopted our … Continue reading

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Macarons, not macaroons

Visitors to Paris might fall in love with the Mona Lisa, the houseboats on the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Champs-Elysées. I fell in love with the macaron, which is not to be confused with the mound … Continue reading

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My year of the horse

On January 31 we’ll say hello to the Year of the Horse.  According to, “The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, … Continue reading

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I resolve to…

This is the year to forego making New Year’s resolutions to become thin, bring about world peace, or keep one’s house, kids, pets, work and life organized. In fact, if we’re bothering to make New Year’s resolutions — and forty-five … Continue reading

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