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Lost and found in Paris

Hand me a map of Paris and I will often guide you to your exact destination, and only occasionally turn you in the wrong direction and send you miles away. Don’t hand me a map and the following happens. My … Continue reading

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Are you ready for these glasses?

As part of preparing to attend my high school reunion, I couldn’t resist looking at my senior picture in the yearbook.  And what did I notice first?  The glasses. I started wearing glasses at age eight, which gave my mother … Continue reading

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European travels 3: losing my cell phone in Haarlem

This is a story about losing my cell phone in the Netherlands last week. Why stay any longer in Haarlem, Netherlands, we asked? Everything we want to see is closed on Mondays. On our walk back to the railway station, … Continue reading

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Europe Part 2: Normandy Beaches

We were the heartiest two in our group of eight to make the three-hundred-mile road trip from Paris to the Normandy Beaches and back. That’s probably why the guide started us out in the last row of his van and … Continue reading

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European travel: part 1

After waking up at four a.m. this morning, wandering around in a jet-lag stupor while checking the clock every few minutes to see if it was lunchtime yet, I decided the only thing I was capable of doing was writing … Continue reading

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