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Dear Diary…

*Dear Diary, “I walked home from school with Mary. We played at my house.  Then I practiced piano.” Ann (*reasonable facsimile of childhood diary) Lately, I’ve been thinking about journals, blushing about my own feeble attempts to fill even one … Continue reading

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Seeing is believing

“Consider yourself ‘piratized,’” said the nurse as she finished taping a patch over my right eye. “I’m nervous about this.” “I’ll give you a pill to calm you and drops to numb your eye.” But what if the pill didn’t … Continue reading

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New Years’ Resolution app

I’m sharing one last tale from 2014, one of my stranger experiences. It started when a friend and I took a bus to downtown Seattle in early December, and she showed me an app on her phone called OneBusAway. I … Continue reading

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