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The problem of too many choices

A gelateria in Vancouver, British Columbia offers two hundred eighteen flavors of gelato. After you spend forty-five minutes studying all the choices, make your decision and pay, you spend ten minutes eating it and another ten wondering whether another choice … Continue reading

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Is there a middle ground when it comes to panhandling?

So what is the answer to stopping panhandling? Or should it be stopped? Why am I even asking the question? Because in the past, few people stood on street corners holding signs outlining their particular dire circumstances and asking for … Continue reading

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Stroll back through time

This year I vowed to throw in a few blog topics that are uncomfortable to write about.  I’ve told my fellow novelists that we have to push our characters to do things we would never do. I’ve begun to do … Continue reading

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Alone but not lonely

From the vantage point of spending a somewhat quiet weekend at home, I’ve been thinking about how much I enjoy those moments when I don’t have to be social.  From time to time, I even like to shut my eyes … Continue reading

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Online dating best left to the young

Rarely do I wish to return to my youth. Only when it takes forever for an injury to heal, or when my head tells me I have the flexibility, strength and stamina of earlier days and my body proves my … Continue reading

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A humble plea

“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.” ― Albert Einstein After a week in which 1) Donald Trump pouted because he didn’t come in first in the Iowa caucus, 2) a price-gouging company owner took the fifth amendment and … Continue reading

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One way to escape the sense of entitlement

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. No matter what our age, we never stop thinking about our parents. Inevitably, when we’re younger something reminds us — not always as a good memory — of a childhood experience, a family outing, a … Continue reading

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