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Rejection as a group experience

Last weekend, after receiving two rejections from literary agents within twenty-four hours, I felt discouraged. I decided that if I was discouraged after only a few rejections, I’d better learn how to prepare for more. So what do the mental … Continue reading

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Too much attention or not enough?

What do the following  situations have in common? Losing one’s reading glasses a few times a day? Or obsessing over a past disappointment. They both involve attention: either not paying enough attention or paying too much. Not paying attention is … Continue reading

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Sick of on-line ads? No one cares.

Are you sick of on-line advertising?  Don’t bother to say yes, because it doesn’t matter if you are.  Ads now follow you everywhere you click. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Tom Cruise futuristic movie, “Minority Report.” In this, the … Continue reading

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A lifestyle, not a diet

They tell you it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle.  They’re wrong. It has to be a diet: I’m hungry. Nutritionists advise us to stop eating sugar, not the natural sugars in fruits, but added sugars found in everything from … Continue reading

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When nature isn’t nurtured

Last week, when the rain stopped for a few days and the long-hidden sun reappeared, I decided that I couldn’t afford to let spring pass me by.  I had to get outside and out of town, even if only a … Continue reading

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