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More alternative medicine

There was a time when people suffering from delusions talked about being abducted by aliens.  Maybe they still do. Anyway, the gist of what happened in these forced encounters was that the aliens did a lot of poking and prodding … Continue reading

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Bucket lists for the young and the old

Have you created a list of things you want to accomplish before you die, a so-called bucket list? I haven’t. At this point in my life, a bucket list would seem like an extension of the “things to do” lists … Continue reading

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Need baking lavender, fig vinegar, or asafoetida? Call me.

Some cooks are not tied to recipes. They make use of whatever ingredients they find in their cupboards or their refrigerators, and rather than search grocery stores for exotic ingredients they’ve never heard of, they create interesting concoctions using what … Continue reading

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Non-traditional medicine for a traditional patient

When someone talks about about health problems you know that they’re old, and that the topic is likely to put you to sleep. Wait!  This is not your ordinary medical story. I’ve just embarked on a month-long journey that requires … Continue reading

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