Too many friends or not enough books?

bookshelfWhile complaining to a friend recently that I had no free time, she reminded me of a very old song — the title sounds familiar though the tune doesn’t — called “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer.” I don’t think there is such a thing as a lazy day anymore, summer or winter. Hazy days, occasionally. The day after joining friends for “Happy Hour” this week, my memories of that experience were very hazy, though the word doesn’t characterize most of my days this month. Crazy, however, fits July perfectly.

Lunches out, a wedding, a birthday party, dinners out, more lunches out, more dinners, multiple “Happy Hours,” volunteer jobs, out-of-town visitors, and a four-day conference. I’ve even seen a friend from elementary school and a college roommate this month. I told my husband that based on the number of social events, July and December are remarkably similar.

We cancelled a trip scheduled for today to dine with friends in another city. We still want to see the friends, but what a relief to have a day at home to work on our own things-to-do-lists and not have to socialize.

Even if I feel too busy, warm summer days are a premium in this area and cannot be taken for granted, nor can friends.

I have read one novel this month, when usually I’d have completed four by now. Nothing is more satisfying than getting lost in a good book, ignoring everything but mealtimes, my husband and the cat. I opened a new library book yesterday and realized I’d read it. Following that I opened a book I bought. After 30 pages, I knew it would not be a favorite. Maybe my issue is not so much about too many social engagements as it is about not having a good book to read.



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I retired June 30, 2010 after working for 40 years in the field of education and most recently doing school public relations/community outreach in a mid-size urban school district. I wrote for superintendents and school board members. Now I'm writing for me and I hope for you. In this blog, I offer my own views coupled with the latest research on how to preserve our physical and mental health as we age, delve into issues most of us over 50 can relate to like noticing wrinkles and forgetting where we left our keys, discuss the pros and cons of different ways to engage our minds and bodies after we leave the workplace, and throw in an occasional book review, all peppered with a touch of humor, irony, and just plain silliness. Also, I'm on the third draft of my second novel since retirement.
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4 Responses to Too many friends or not enough books?

  1. Sharon Howard says:

    Remember you do control your own time now, and NO is an answer.

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  2. Darlene says:

    I concur–busy days of summer. Just when I think I might have a free day to do entirely as I please, either my mother, dogs or grandchildren need attention. So, with a little free time right now, I think I’ll delve into my depressing novel for book club–oh, wait a minute, perhaps that’s why I can’t seem to make much headway…it’s depressing. Who wants to read that on a glorious day. Maybe I can find something else to do!

  3. dkzody says:

    You are very fortunate to have so many friends with whom to meet for lunches and such. That is not happening around here. I can hardly get a group of friends to settle on just one day each month for lunch. They are all busy elsewhere (mostly with medical appts).

  4. I’ve lived so long that I’ve gone through all of the stages—too many friends, not enough friends, etc. At the moment, I’m doing some writing, and have given everyone the signal that I’m not available, except for family. I love the space, and am convinced I’m a hermit at heart! (not really, but paring down my social life works, for now!) Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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