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Alternative medicine?

Marijuana is so sixties and seventies, we said a few years ago, after voters in our state passed an initiative to permit the sale of it in authorized stores. Who in our generation would be interested at this point in our … Continue reading

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Have an adequate day

“Have a great day.” Americans have a knack for exaggeration, our president more than most –“huge, best, greatest” being his frequent and usually self-referential contributions — but the rest of us are also guilty of using superlatives in everyday conversation. “Have a great … Continue reading

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Martha Stewart and me

I imagine that the first thing Martha Stewart does in planning a dinner party is create a guest list.  Of course it’s possible that, instead, she begins with an idea of some dish she’s been craving, say, pork belly and tomato … Continue reading

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Resolving the problem of extreme list making

Were you one of the gazillion readers who pushed sales of The Lifetime Magic of Tidying Up through the rooftop? For those who didn’t read the book, author Marie Kondo shared tips for the sport of extreme decluttering. Kondo gave one piece of … Continue reading

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Buying cars and studio portraits: same revolting experience

I’m about to shop for a new car.  Ever since the “good Samaritan” jammed the gearshift in my 2004 Subaru in the process of towing my car, which had a dead battery caused by the body shop that left the back door open too … Continue reading

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More adventures in Iceland: eating putrified shark

I can’t write about Iceland without talking about the food. Fresh Arctic char, perfectly prepared lamb, creamy yogurt, roasted root vegetables, tasty ice cream, every kind of homemade bread, fish soups, smoked fish and meat, were on the menu every … Continue reading

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Need baking lavender, fig vinegar, or asafoetida? Call me.

Some cooks are not tied to recipes. They make use of whatever ingredients they find in their cupboards or their refrigerators, and rather than search grocery stores for exotic ingredients they’ve never heard of, they create interesting concoctions using what … Continue reading

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Sick of on-line ads? No one cares.

Are you sick of on-line advertising?  Don’t bother to say yes, because it doesn’t matter if you are.  Ads now follow you everywhere you click. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Tom Cruise futuristic movie, “Minority Report.” In this, the … Continue reading

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A lifestyle, not a diet

They tell you it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle.  They’re wrong. It has to be a diet: I’m hungry. Nutritionists advise us to stop eating sugar, not the natural sugars in fruits, but added sugars found in everything from … Continue reading

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Yearning for the occasional grouch

Work friends and I sometimes went out to lunch at a family-run BBQ joint. I call it a “joint” because “restaurant” did not come to mind in this former auto body shop. As strange as it sounds, people didn’t just … Continue reading

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