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Wrapping up 2015

I haven’t blogged much this month — or even this year — so I’m wrapping up 2015 with the summary we just sent to friends and relatives out of the area. Meanwhile, may you enjoy the end of 2015 and … Continue reading

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The perfect Christmas gift

As I exited the library the display of cookbooks, each with “chocolate” in its title, stopped me cold. I’d been struggling to think of Christmas gifts I could make. The books provided me an instant answer. This year I would … Continue reading

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I resolve to…

This is the year to forego making New Year’s resolutions to become thin, bring about world peace, or keep one’s house, kids, pets, work and life organized. In fact, if we’re bothering to make New Year’s resolutions — and forty-five … Continue reading

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An apple a day

Most of us realize that we’re not perfectly shaped, featured, or coiffed. And we probably don’t have many friends, relatives, or acquaintances who come across as model-perfect. So why do we expect the fruits and vegetables we buy at the … Continue reading

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Flower and Garden show paves way to English conversation

It should be obvious why I had to make my annual trek to the Northwest Flower and Garden show, based on the first photo, which I took outdoors while waiting for a bus. Gloomy skies, wind, forlorn trees and crows. Compare … Continue reading

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Spring, a change for the better

We’re starting to see a few signs of spring.  The warning signals usually start below ground or just above it.  I’ve seen one-inch-tall iris bulbs in front of a neighbor’s house, and the moles in a nearby park are excavating very quickly, … Continue reading

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Celebrating in the snow

This year we opted for a White Christmas, and since forecasters were not predicting snow to come to us, we went to it. This was our way of attempting to start a new holiday tradition, a necessity since we don’t … Continue reading

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Seasonal favorites and not-so-favorites

A friend suggested I write a blog about my least favorite holiday experiences from my working days in school administration, things that I no longer have to put up with now that I’m retired — sort of a reverse Julie … Continue reading

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Bird feeders and writers’ block

I’ve found a new distractor more powerful than the call of incoming emails and on-line news updates. It’s also a great boon to writers. It’s a bird feeder. A few years ago, my husband and I bought and hung suet … Continue reading

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Sighing for more summer

My activities for the month of August can be summed up in two words:  eating tomatoes and hiking.  This time last year I posted a blog with a photo of my crop, which consisted of one tiny red tomato nestled in … Continue reading

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