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How our brains mess with us

Donald Trump says the news media lie. In most instances he’s wrong, but that’s not the focus of today’s blog. Many of us face a bigger threat to receiving honest information than from the so-called fake media. What could that … Continue reading

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Did you hear about the latest phobia?

You would think that a list of the top 100 phobias, which includes fear of bridges, feet, zombies, buttons, ducks and long words, would have covered the entire spectrum.  But this past weekend I read about a new one not on the list, … Continue reading

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Shh. My brain is recharging.

As my husband and I plan to meet friends at a Seattle restaurant for dinner tonight, I predict that much of our conversation will be lost. Not because we won’t be talking, but because we won’t be hearing. Sure, our … Continue reading

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In my last blog, I quoted researcher Brené Brown, from her book, “Daring Greatly,” on the subject of the scarcity many people feel about not having enough money, and not being good enough, perfect enough, smart enough, or successful enough. … Continue reading

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How much is enough?

How much of anything is too little, how much is enough, and how much is too much?  It sounds like a question out of the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” But I’m not talking about the temperature of … Continue reading

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Everyday mindfulness

“Let it go. Let it go it. Let it go.”  Not lyrics to a popular song, but advice given by a friend to his wife, my husband and me, all three victims of insomnia. Over dinner last week, we were … Continue reading

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Reframing when facing life’s detours

It’s so easy to complain.  The reasons may change from season to season and person to person, but we all do it. Lately, crews have torn up roads in our area, contractors and the transportation dept. have closed bridges and … Continue reading

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Good solution to problem of clutter

Note:  I posted this last week and saw today that it had disappeared, so I’m trying one more time. Apologies to those who are receiving it a second time. Clutter is a killer.  Do an online search for “house clutter … Continue reading

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Next vacation leave the gadgets at home

Have you ever found that your summer vacation didn’t quite live up to the expectations you began entertaining months earlier? Did you dream of having time for relaxation, enjoying a break from everyday responsibilities, and instead find that your work … Continue reading

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Self-esteem vs. self-compassion

Self-esteem, whether in children or adults, is a major target of the self-help movement. Self-esteem in our culture is closely connected to winning, showing ourselves as stronger, smarter, faster, harder working or more talented than others.  That’s one reason researcher … Continue reading

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