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Tourists, tourists, tourists, when will they stop coming?

This past month is the longest I’ve gone in 10 years without producing a blog.  I have a good excuse for June, namely, that my husband and I took a three-week trip and returned tired and jet-lagged, sneezing and coughing. … Continue reading

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Who inspired you?

Who helped you find a direction, got you thinking along different lines about your future, and built your confidence along the way?  I am at the stage of life where I enjoy looking back and attempting to answer these questions. It … Continue reading

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Which is better, a city or a town?

Which is a better place to live, a small town or a city? That was the conversation my husband and I had while enjoying a white Christmas —  though not the single-digit temperatures — in Winthrop, Washington, population 415, or 1,916 if … Continue reading

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Stereotypes in travel writing

After reading a recent Seattle Times travel piece that recommended particular activities for Baby Boomer and Millennial tourists in and around Waikiki, I’m writing a rant. (FYI, According to U.S. Census Bureau stats, in 2016, Baby Boomers’ ages range from 52-70, and Millennials’ from … Continue reading

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Travel as cultural immersion

When my roommate and I graduated from college, we worked for a year to save for a four-month European tour. We planned to hitchhike to every capital, sleep in youth hostels, and have adventures along the way. We ran out of money and … Continue reading

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Iceland: It’s the landscape

In brewing Olympia Beer, “It’s the water.” Touring Iceland, you’ll also learn that “It’s the water,” from snaking fjords, to boiling springs and spouting geysers. It’s also much more. In what other country can you see the sights above along … Continue reading

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More adventures in Iceland: eating putrified shark

I can’t write about Iceland without talking about the food. Fresh Arctic char, perfectly prepared lamb, creamy yogurt, roasted root vegetables, tasty ice cream, every kind of homemade bread, fish soups, smoked fish and meat, were on the menu every … Continue reading

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A way to mark past memories

I probably have three thousand travel photos, maybe more. I look at them once a year. Maybe twice. Don’t get me wrong.  I love my photos and the memories they conjure.  But I rarely devote any time to them, not … Continue reading

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Ceramic painting for dummies

For many years, a group of friends and I visited arts and craft shows together and came up with a simple mantra — “We can do that”– which we intoned after each show. After years of completing, collectively, dozens of … Continue reading

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Pack light, gripe less

We recently returned from two weeks spent touring Portugal. The Rick Steves’ tour we were on involved white wine; a cork farm; cathedrals and medieval monasteries; ancient Roman cities; red wine; beautiful landscapes; Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, and Rococo architecture; walled … Continue reading

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