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Music as meditation

No one would call me mindful.  I forget where I set my reading glasses, have returned empty envelopes to Comcast and others while leaving the payment checks in my checkbook, and once left my cell phone on an outdoor bench in Haarlem, The Netherlands. … Continue reading

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An alternative fact about the rooster

I haven’t been able to write a blog for several weeks. These days I’m like the driver who can’t help but stop and stare at the horrifying wreck in the road and then wonder why she can’t focus on anything else after … Continue reading

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Back to school memories live on

For most of us, the anniversary of a particular event, experience, birthday, or a death of an influential person in our lives will trigger memories. Most recently, the anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy brought back many memories of that day … Continue reading

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Good posture: your mother was right

What advice did your mother give you that you listened to and still follow? Or listened to and ignored? A few years ago I read a book containing words of wisdom passed down from mothers to daughters. What the mothers … Continue reading

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My very slow weight loss program

I’ve lost 9.6 pounds in a mere six months, that’s a whopping 1.6 pounds per month. Dr. Oz will cry when his viewers hear reports of my miracle program, which, by the way, puts a little less weight (pun intended) … Continue reading

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French bread-making as an Olympic event

Yesterday , when I turned on the TV to record something scheduled for later in the day, I encountered the PBS program, the “Great British Baking Show.” It’s a reality show like many American cooking competitions, but with a name … Continue reading

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Too many friends or not enough books?

While complaining to a friend recently that I had no free time, she reminded me of a very old song — the title sounds familiar though the tune doesn’t — called “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer.” I don’t … Continue reading

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A wedding gift for eternity

Been to a wedding recently? My husband and received an invitation to a wedding this summer, our first in several years. Our friends are either long-married or confirmed singles. Given the infrequency of the invitations, we don’t know what’s in … Continue reading

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Getting soaked in Iceland

Who visits the saltwater thermal pool — a giant hot tub — in Southwest Iceland known as the Blue Lagoon? Tourists like me, who believe they’ll be sorry if they travel all this way and miss out on the most … Continue reading

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Adventures in Iceland: Part I

I’m not a travel writer, but I had to write about my recent 10-day vacation, a tour of Iceland. Iceland is unlike most tourist spots.  Weather is unpredictable, cities are few and far between, and the things to do there … Continue reading

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