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The joy of getting rid of things

Clutter drives me nuts, yet other than occasionally going through my closet and sending a few bags of clothing to Goodwill, I don’t do much about it. Someone who believes she has the answer to clutter is Marie Kondo, a … Continue reading

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Planning a trip with help from Hemingway

Planning a trip is nearly as exciting as traveling. Your anticipation builds, and you become immersed in your destination. All in the comfort of your home, before you spend hours pancaked in an airplane seat or diverted to the wrong … Continue reading

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Changing habits

Hundreds of habits allow us to live successfully through the weeks and years of our lives. Except when they don’t. That is, when they hurt our health, our relationships, or our careers. If you think that habits are difficult to change, … Continue reading

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Introverts in a gregarious world

Now that the holiday season is winding down, I thought I’d take on a more academic topic, especially before the library book on this subject is overdue. Have you noticed lately that the extrovert represents for many the model for … Continue reading

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Is dystopian literature like The Hunger Games a new trend?

Is dystopian literature gaining in popularity now and, if so, why?  Dystopian literature refers to stories set in states (according to my on-line dictionary) ones “in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically totalitarian or environmentally degraded ones,” in other words, the opposite of utopian.  This … Continue reading

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Imperfection as a way of life

The Gifts of Imperfection.  Somehow this book ended up on my library request list, although I don’t remember what prompted me to request it.  It was probably the title. I’ve always thought perfection was a gift, so finding a book … Continue reading

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