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Surprises from the past

I always thought researching one’s ancestors was a job for old people.  I’m researching mine now and I’m old, so I guess I was right. Years ago, my mother gave me a short family history prepared by a relative of … Continue reading

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Putting early learning to work with literary agents

Recently, I had a chance to do what I do best, namely, read aloud in front of an audience. Not exactly a big claim to fame. Since I was attending the annual Pacific NW Writers’ Conference at the time, reading … Continue reading

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Dear Diary…

*Dear Diary, “I walked home from school with Mary. We played at my house.  Then I practiced piano.” Ann (*reasonable facsimile of childhood diary) Lately, I’ve been thinking about journals, blushing about my own feeble attempts to fill even one … Continue reading

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“The long and winding road”

By now everyone on the planet must have heard the cliché, “It’s the journey that’s most important, not the destination.” A friend who writes a travel blog (see story here)  and who traveled with her husband to Greece to buy a … Continue reading

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From Aerograms to Instagram

Anyone remember ‘pen pals’? The kids your age who lived somewhere else with whom you exchanged letters about your towns, countries and lives, until one or both of you lost interest? My first pen pal was British. I saw her … Continue reading

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My year of the horse

On January 31 we’ll say hello to the Year of the Horse.  According to, “The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, … Continue reading

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Going where the story takes you

Hear the word “research” and what comes to mind?  Laboratories teeming with pink-eyed rodents? Spreadsheets filled with statistics? Undergraduate student volunteers taking tests to predict how likely they are to do x or y when faced with an impossible choice? … Continue reading

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Writers Conference attracts fairy godmothers

More than five hundred people went sleepless in Seattle this past week. I was one of them. Sleepless because we all took part in the four-day annual conference of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, which had crammed in enough formal activities … Continue reading

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The peril of asking for an opinon

Want feedback on a product you’ve created?  Be careful what you wish for. I’m still reeling from some of the feedback I received just in the past three days on a short story and the first draft of my novel. … Continue reading

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“Characters welcome”

I’m obsessed with Heather, as well as a dozen of her friends and enemies.  She took over my walk at the Y this morning, causing me to lose count of my laps and then led me on a ramble around … Continue reading

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