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When it comes to aging, attitudes matter

In 2009, 100,000 American women, middle-aged and older, demonstrated that when it comes to health and aging, our attitudes matter.  Those with a more hopeful outlook on life (optimists) were less likely than those with a more negative view of … Continue reading

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The problem with numbers

Many years ago, a colleague and I co-authored a textbook on math anxiety. Her specialty was math and mine anxiety. I went to a birthday lunch yesterday, which reminded me that my husband and I will both celebrate a high-numbered … Continue reading

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Confused? There must be an app for that

In the past week I read about three free apps that help people who want to stay focused on one project for an hour or two, and avoid checking email or Facebook or Twitter or their bank account or “breaking … Continue reading

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Christie Brinkley, Chuck Norris and me

Ever since my mom suffered from Alzheimer’s I’ve worried about my brain. (Friends say I should have started worrying sooner.) I’ve read that strenuous exercise can provide some protection against dementia — more than doing crossword puzzles and having a … Continue reading

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A wrinkle of time

The best places for wrinkles are the surfaces of prunes, raisins, cerebral cortices, some kinds of mushrooms, and shar peis. Yet this week, dozens of fine lines marring my cheeks appeared without my permission or any advanced warning.  They are easiest to see … Continue reading

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Poker faces don’t age well

When I was younger I felt certain that sadness and aging were companions united in a conspiracy to ruin the last years of a life.  After all, everyone I knew in their sixties and older experienced aches, couldn’t play sports … Continue reading

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A “taste” of the future?

I ate lunch at a Senior Center today and wondered if I’d find myself spending much time at a place like this in the future and, if so, if I would enjoy being there.  I didn’t feel particularly comfortable today, … Continue reading

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Tell the story of your life

Put it in writing!  I’m not talking about the all-too-common prescription for covering your backside in the office, I mean the story of your life.  Since last fall I have been writing vignettes of my life as a media spokeswoman, … Continue reading

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For those who think “Twitter” is a bird call

From an AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) April 5 tweet:  Boomers *are* exploring technology and media – for themselves and sometimes to continue the relationship with their kids/grandkids.  But it seems they have a lot of work to do … Continue reading

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Far from the “maddening” crowd

Retirement brings new opportunities for being alone.  But do we want to be alone? Should we be alone? Many of us have mixed feelings about solitude.  We know that keeping one’s friends and social connections is important as we age … Continue reading

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