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Morning walks: more than just exercise

Yesterday, I took a walk in my neighborhood and nearby downtown to watch the day begin. Not before dawn, but before the normal workday got underway. Morning is a good time to see a city, before cars and their rumbling … Continue reading

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Christie Brinkley, Chuck Norris and me

Ever since my mom suffered from Alzheimer’s I’ve worried about my brain. (Friends say I should have started worrying sooner.) I’ve read that strenuous exercise can provide some protection against dementia — more than doing crossword puzzles and having a … Continue reading

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Keep moving

Latest health headline:  regular exercise isn’t enough; if you dare to sit down during the day, you’re going to die early.  This is only a slight exaggeration of the conclusions of  “Meet the Active Couch Potato” (New York Times, April 4). … Continue reading

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Think of us as Chardonnay and chicken

Anyone who walks for health needs a sidekick striding beside them, the kind of person who can keep them so engaged in conversation that the miles mount up almost unnoticed.  My walking pal is Ronna Weltman, school and community volunteer, … Continue reading

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Red, the color of joy

Yesterday morning, as I rocketed around the track at the YMCA, I watched the senior aerobics and strengthening classes moving to a musical beat in the gym below.  Suddenly I thought of the early morning exercisers I had photographed in … Continue reading

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Quick way to become a Big Foot

I walked twenty miles this week, which makes forty miles in two weeks.  I’ve turned to this regimen because I want to slim down and I find it very difficult to give up eating.  So the question I’m asking is, … Continue reading

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Little pain, lots of gain

Most people who live to the age of sixty start to have a few aches and pains.   It’s too soon to predict, but I may have come upon a way to push these aches and pains into the background, … Continue reading

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Shuffle your way to better health

Thanks to my new blue iPod Shuffle I am getting stronger and more fit.  I bought it a few months ago (I’m obviously not an early adopter) and around the same time began walking more often on the indoor track … Continue reading

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“Hula hoop” is a verb

Shortly after buying a hula hoop last summer, I moved it from a spot downstairs where I couldn’t miss it to a hiding place upstairs.  I had read about hula hoops as the latest exercise craze:  stand in front of your … Continue reading

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She enjoys “not getting old”

Joyce Turner is the best possible argument for keeping your body flexible as you age. She is my role model.  I can’t say exactly when I came to this conclusion, certainly not as a result of our first encounter, which … Continue reading

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