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Communication breakdown between brain and body

A friend wrote in her Christmas card that after retirement she decided to return to a former passion that lasted from childhood through her teenage years, namely, ballet.  After only two sessions, she had to admit that her body was … Continue reading

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Fun with fungi

I just finished reading a creepy mystery called Into the Woods by Tana French.  Happily, yesterday’s visit into the woods with friend Marilyn was anything but creepy.  We went to a nearby lake and forest in search of chanterelles.*  She … Continue reading

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Born to walk

By the end of August, friends had stopped inviting me to lunch.  This lifestyle change was hard to accept for social, financial, and physical reasons.  For example, I began having to issue my own invitations, pay for my lunch or … Continue reading

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Yoga worth committing to

I had to give up Bollywood aerobics for a while because flinging my arms about caused some distress in my left shoulder.  And I haven’t done errand-walking for several days, because spending 5-10 minutes in an air-conditioned car is more … Continue reading

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Slightly Overdressed

I remembered to attend the Bollywood dance workout class last night.  Bollywood dances are the energetic and colorful dances performed by casts of hundreds that we see in popular Hindi-language movies that U.S. distributors deign to bring here.  If you … Continue reading

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Retirement+Yoga=lower BP

The lowest blood pressure reading of my adult life occured this morning at the doctor’s office, immediately following my yoga class:  116/50.  I never knew one could be alive with numbers like this, but the fact that I am able to input … Continue reading

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Getting Physical cont…

The second phase of my exercise campaign is simply walking, but walking less consciously as a workout strategy and more as a way of taking care of business.  Not that I don’t seek the health benefits of walking and I do walk … Continue reading

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Getting Physical

One obvious contrast with working life, which for me involved sitting at a computer for a good chunk of each day, is how much I’m moving around now.  On the formal exercise side, I’m taking yoga two times a week.  … Continue reading

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