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Notes from a former Yale student

This post is a continuation of the last one, in which I confessed to my foolishness in signing up for a ten-week course, “The Science of Happiness,” offered by Yale University.  Taking the course was an impulse decision, and like … Continue reading

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Happiness eludes most Americans

Ever since Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence and declared that the pursuit of happiness was our inalienable right, many Americans have felt the need to make this pursuit their number one priority. So that must make us a happy lot. Right? … Continue reading

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Happiness and success

Hooray for a friend who recommended The Happiness Advantage, a book by Shawn Achor about the connection between happiness and success.  Achor, who became interested in the topic when he worked as a teaching assistant for a Harvard course called … Continue reading

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Where to find happiness

All of us are seekers of happiness. Most people are looking for it as if it were a tangible object that once found they can hang onto forever.  How many of us have thought, If only this or that occurred … Continue reading

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