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Twelve Days of Christmas: Part II

In my last blog, I reported on assorted “gifts” received during the first twelve days of Christmas. Since then, twelve more days have passed. Still no partridge in a pear tree, but much more to report. On day thirteen, I … Continue reading

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Christie Brinkley, Chuck Norris and me

Ever since my mom suffered from Alzheimer’s I’ve worried about my brain. (Friends say I should have started worrying sooner.) I’ve read that strenuous exercise can provide some protection against dementia — more than doing crossword puzzles and having a … Continue reading

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Keep moving

Latest health headline:  regular exercise isn’t enough; if you dare to sit down during the day, you’re going to die early.  This is only a slight exaggeration of the conclusions of  “Meet the Active Couch Potato” (New York Times, April 4). … Continue reading

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Pets are good for our health

Sunday we celebrated the annual Pet’s Memorial Service in my church.  One inspiration for this celebration comes from ancient stone sculptures of the reclining Buddha, who is gravely ill and surrounded by people and animals that have come to pay … Continue reading

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Tai chi, wild animals and focus

In my last post I wrote that it was very important to pay attention, to stay focused.  A day later I tested this claim.  At the same time, I followed the advice of all the experts on aging on how … Continue reading

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Red, the color of joy

Yesterday morning, as I rocketed around the track at the YMCA, I watched the senior aerobics and strengthening classes moving to a musical beat in the gym below.  Suddenly I thought of the early morning exercisers I had photographed in … Continue reading

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Reading as a cure for nearly everything

As someone who loves to curl up with a book — any book, good or otherwise — I was interested to read an article about “bibliotherapy,” in an on-line magazine called Ode, which came to me via the DailyGood newsletter.  It … Continue reading

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Two keys to weight loss

I’m assuming that most everyone in the U.S. ate too much yesterday, which takes me to today’s topic:  weight loss.  Since every Doctor Tom, Dick and Harry purports to be a weight loss guru, I am going to do a … Continue reading

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Play with your toes

I have grown taller since yesterday, or at least that’s how I feel.  As one who was 5’8″ for much of her adult life, it has been crushing to hear my doctor’s nurse reporting aloud my shrinkage, first to 5’7 … Continue reading

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Little pain, lots of gain

Most people who live to the age of sixty start to have a few aches and pains.   It’s too soon to predict, but I may have come upon a way to push these aches and pains into the background, … Continue reading

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