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My almost Parisian tablecloth

My Thanksgiving tablecloth, which I’ve already laid out on the dining room table has a checkered (pun intended) history. It began last August when my friend Claudia made me a birthday lunch and we carried it to a covered picnic … Continue reading

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Keep moving

Latest health headline:  regular exercise isn’t enough; if you dare to sit down during the day, you’re going to die early.  This is only a slight exaggeration of the conclusions of  “Meet the Active Couch Potato” (New York Times, April 4). … Continue reading

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A wrinkle of time

The best places for wrinkles are the surfaces of prunes, raisins, cerebral cortices, some kinds of mushrooms, and shar peis. Yet this week, dozens of fine lines marring my cheeks appeared without my permission or any advanced warning.  They are easiest to see … Continue reading

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And words to go before I sleep

November 15.  Exactly halfway through the month. At least fifty thousand words are the target for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) November event, “Write a novel in a month.”  Thirty-two thousand words are behind me, sixty-four percent.  The total … Continue reading

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Complaint free in 21 days

Want to rid yourself of a habit, nasty or otherwise?  I decided to break the habit of complaining, based on an article called “Not Complaining” by Brother David Stendl-Rast in the journal Thirty Thousand Days.   I volunteered myself as a … Continue reading

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Stories to mystify, exact revenge and embarrass

Storytelling was the subject of my last blog, that is, how stories passed on within a culture affect behavior and beliefs of members of that culture.  Today, I’m thinking about other kinds of stories, the silly ones that get told … Continue reading

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We only want comments from the living

“Never say ‘no comment’ when talking to reporters.”  When I started my career I heard this mantra from every school PR professional I met.  The first thing to understand is that no one is ever tempted to say, “No comment,” … Continue reading

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A little bird told me

A little bird, a budgie to be exact, once told my fortune.  I found his five predictions paper-clipped together when I rummaged through a desk drawer yesterday. I had saved them since 2009.  I met him as I was walking with … Continue reading

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Bare-legged bimbo on her way to paperback fame

Ever since early August, when the literary agent told me my proposed memoir had no hook for readers in Ohio, I’ve been devising a plan to appeal to her and others in her trade when I have another opportunity to pitch … Continue reading

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Social media wallflower

Who says writing doesn’t pay much?  I just read that popular reality TV show star, entrepreneur, and self-promoter Kim Kardashian earns $10,000 for every tweet she sends. This amounts to as much as $71 per character and the same for … Continue reading

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