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Standing room only

Do you ever wonder how many people will attend your funeral or memorial service?   I thought about this over the weekend, because I attended services in two different churches, both packed with mourners.  I know the question is hardly … Continue reading

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Putting a lid on trolls

I just saw a quirky, Norwegian movie called “Troll Hunters,” which opened in 2010 in smaller movie markets across the U.S.  It’s a credit to most readers of this blog that they have not heard of it, much less seen … Continue reading

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Liable to libel

I insulted physical therapists in yesterday’s blog, which I knew would bring forth a comment from physical therapist (PT) friend Jack.   Here’s what he said in an email with the subject line “libel complaint.”  What a slam at all … Continue reading

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Reflecting on the past year

The local public schools are closed for the summer, and since that’s where I spent much of my career, I’m reminded that it’s been about a year since I retired.  Lately, I’ve been reflecting on my first year away from … Continue reading

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In transition or in sane?

Earlier this week, as she was beginning to knead my arms, the massage therapist said, “Yes, you are definitely still in transition,” meaning transition from work to retirement.  I forgot to ask her how she knew.  Was it the state of … Continue reading

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My Spanish teacher, Eva Luna

Eva Luna, the lead character of a telenovela, not the heroine in the Isabel Allende novel, is my current teacher for keeping my Spanish alive, now that I’m not working and am spending less time with native Spanish speakers.  A … Continue reading

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“Hula hoop” is a verb

Shortly after buying a hula hoop last summer, I moved it from a spot downstairs where I couldn’t miss it to a hiding place upstairs.  I had read about hula hoops as the latest exercise craze:  stand in front of your … Continue reading

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Orchids aRn’t us

Orchid names don’t roll off the palate. Try pronouncing phalaenopsis, paphiopedilum, dendrobium, phragmapedium and oncidium quickly and you’ll find your tongue in knots. Try making the orchids you once fell in love with re-bloom, orchids you carefully transported from a nursery into your … Continue reading

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Issa, poet for ordinary people

I’ve been reading poems by Issa lately.  He is my current poetic hero, not just for the words he produced, but for the fact that he could produce any poetry at all given the life he lived.  In case you … Continue reading

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Advice from a woman who makes stuffed animals from socks

As one might guess from reading about my sock animal sewing adventures, I have never seen a craft I didn’t want to try.  I have had a lot of success making greeting cards and binding small books and have taken … Continue reading

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