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Read it, then eat it

By now all the entries in today’s Seattle Edible Book Festival will have been judged and eaten.  Change that to most of the entries, since not all looked tasty enough for folks to consider putting them in their mouths; nonetheless, together they formed … Continue reading

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Gag gift exchanges are a gas

Gag gift exchange parties should be viewed as learning experiences.  I still consider myself a novice in the fine art of choosing unpleasant gifts, and have come to accept that it will take many years of study to raise my … Continue reading

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Shopping on the cheap

Having spent too much money in the past month, the topic of thrift stores is on my mind. Recently, a friend who just returned from abroad, and I set out to explore thrift stores on the Eastside.  Although we have … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

When we tore down and rebuilt our house a few years ago friends asked, “What do you like the most about your new house?” and my answer was always “the little things, the improvements over the old house that others … Continue reading

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The state fair: food, farm animals and fun

A state fair is a small slice of Americana and a large slice of Americans.  My husband and I “did The Puyallup” yesterday, as the slogan goes, The Puyallup being the annual Western Washington State Fair.  The beauty of not having to … Continue reading

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10 am: perfect time for coffee

Former colleague and current retired friend Jackie and I made a coffee date for 10 a.m. today at a Starbucks nestled in a large office complex.  We were talking and enjoying ourselves, but then I noticed the long lines that … Continue reading

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Birthdays are better

This year’s birthday was different and better than most.  First of all, I didn’t have to attend any late night meetings immediately before, during or after the date to observe the annual ritual of the school board approving the next … Continue reading

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