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New Year’s resolutions are to blame

After the holidays, I attended a Zoom class on how to keep a visual diary.  Not having kept a diary before, but having received dozens of notebooks as gifts in anticipation of a time I might keep one, I decided … Continue reading

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I resolve to…

This is the year to forego making New Year’s resolutions to become thin, bring about world peace, or keep one’s house, kids, pets, work and life organized. In fact, if we’re bothering to make New Year’s resolutions — and forty-five … Continue reading

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My 2013 resolution: make no resolutions

Four days into the new year, how many of you have stuck to the resolutions you made on January 1?  I made an insignificant one on December 29 and broke it January 1, which is why I now proclaim 2013 … Continue reading

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Skipping the resolutions in 2012

To resolve or not to resolve? Do New Year’s resolutions serve any purpose? Do they do any good? This week I’ve read several commentaries on this topic, which interested me because I decided not to make any resolutions this year. … Continue reading

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Expect the unexpected in the Year of the Dragon

Why bother with New Year’s resolutions when the end of the world is coming on December 21? I read in this morning’s Seattle Times that apocalyptic thinkers are predicting even stranger things: the reversal of the earth’s polarity so that magnetic … Continue reading

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