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Lost and found in Paris

Hand me a map of Paris and I will often guide you to your exact destination, and only occasionally turn you in the wrong direction and send you miles away. Don’t hand me a map and the following happens. My … Continue reading

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Planning a trip with help from Hemingway

Planning a trip is nearly as exciting as traveling. Your anticipation builds, and you become immersed in your destination. All in the comfort of your home, before you spend hours pancaked in an airplane seat or diverted to the wrong … Continue reading

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A ‘pique’ experience

“What has been your peak experience so far?” asked a Swedish-American tourist sitting with his wife at a table next to us in a sidewalk cafe in Madrid. My husband and I both stumbled around for an answer, but couldn’t … Continue reading

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The sameness of the world

Europe. The United States. The first is characterized by much older buldings, many statues of dead kings and queens, better bread and pastries, and a better public transportation system, at least compared to the one where I live. There are … Continue reading

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From burgers to baguettes

Since my last post was on the perfect burger, I realize that now talking about French bread, crepes and croissants is making me sound like a serious foodie, which I’m not. The problem is that my husband and I are … Continue reading

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