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Letting go of social media

Some people hang on to their jobs forever.  Some aren’t sure. They retire, return to work, retire, return. And others leave cold turkey. On my last day of work I believed I’d fit in the second category. A day later, … Continue reading

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Why I stick with Facebook

I opened up my Facebook page today and was greeted by ads to subscribe to The Economist magazine, and for a Subaru fall sale, State Farm Life insurance, and the Do-It-All Shoe. I also received a request, on a different … Continue reading

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Sometimes your cat knows best

When I told my cat, Gordon, he had received 22 likes on Facebook for a photo of his tail sticking out from under the comforter, he blinked and went back to sleep. This brings me to a recent article in … Continue reading

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European travels 3: losing my cell phone in Haarlem

This is a story about losing my cell phone in the Netherlands last week. Why stay any longer in Haarlem, Netherlands, we asked? Everything we want to see is closed on Mondays. On our walk back to the railway station, … Continue reading

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Too much information or not nearly enough?

There are people who record and share a few life events and others who register everything they’ve ever done and pour it out by the bucket to the entire world. Although blogging pushes me closer to the bucket brigade, most … Continue reading

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Confused? There must be an app for that

In the past week I read about three free apps that help people who want to stay focused on one project for an hour or two, and avoid checking email or Facebook or Twitter or their bank account or “breaking … Continue reading

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