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Escaping brand names while you travel

With a global economy and a growing number of people from developed countries traveling to other countries, sometimes the modern world looks the same no matter where you are. With widespread immigration, residents of many European countries and the U.S. … Continue reading

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Lost and found in Paris

Hand me a map of Paris and I will often guide you to your exact destination, and only occasionally turn you in the wrong direction and send you miles away. Don’t hand me a map and the following happens. My … Continue reading

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European travel: part 1

After waking up at four a.m. this morning, wandering around in a jet-lag stupor while checking the clock every few minutes to see if it was lunchtime yet, I decided the only thing I was capable of doing was writing … Continue reading

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Cultural exchanges

How much can we learn about the culture of a country when we spend one night here, two nights there and pass through many towns and cities in the space of a few weeks? That’s the question I’ve asked myself … Continue reading

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High and outside in Winthrop, WA

You probably wouldn’t go to Winthrop, WA (pop. 373) on vacation if you were looking for elegantly dressed crowds or any crowds at all, swanky lodging, a fast pace or a full menu of choices in fine dining.  You might … Continue reading

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Lunch anyone?

Eagles barreling through the canyon hoping to spot a fish in the icy Chewuch River below, then stopping to rest on a branch above our porch.  A small doe wandering nearly camouflaged at the river’s edge in search of grass and … Continue reading

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