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Look before you click

Watch where you click on a computer screen.  That’s my advice ever since I tapped the wrong button on Facebook and arranged for my husband to receive daily invitations to meet other women, ones specially chosen to fit his age, … Continue reading

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Road trip to another world

We just returned from a road trip, the first we’ve taken in years.  I suppose three days qualifies for one of the shortest road trips on record, but some places don’t require a long stay, especially if the accommodations are…well…challenging. … Continue reading

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A privacy issue no one talks about

Have you ever filled a prescription for pet meds? My cat takes pills for high blood pressure and I find that every trip to the pharmacy to pick up his medicine offers a new challenge.  All are a consequence of … Continue reading

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The peril of asking for an opinon

Want feedback on a product you’ve created?  Be careful what you wish for. I’m still reeling from some of the feedback I received just in the past three days on a short story and the first draft of my novel. … Continue reading

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Burning calories: a way of life

I’ve got to find my inner Energizer bunny soon. That’s because over the weekend I read “Move a Little, Lose a Lot,” a book by James A. Levine, M.D. which says, in so many words, “Sitting is the new smoking.” … Continue reading

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