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10 am: perfect time for coffee

Former colleague and current retired friend Jackie and I made a coffee date for 10 a.m. today at a Starbucks nestled in a large office complex.  We were talking and enjoying ourselves, but then I noticed the long lines that … Continue reading

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Lacuna is a great read

Retirement has given me the luxury of time to try things I would never have tried before, writing this book review being one of them.  I am doing this because the book I just finished left me agitated, depressed, and … Continue reading

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Farmers’ markets keep frig from becoming Superfund site

During the summer, healthy, albeit expensive eating is guaranteed by the presence of farmers’ markets in every community.  I decided to check out five markets in this area, over the course of the past few weeks, to compare produce quality, … Continue reading

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Jade Buddha passing through

The Jade Buddha — not to be confused with the chocolate Buddha two posts back –came to town this week as part of a national tour, and is resting in a pavilion in the courtyard of a Vietnamese Buddhist temple for … Continue reading

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Birthdays are better

This year’s birthday was different and better than most.  First of all, I didn’t have to attend any late night meetings immediately before, during or after the date to observe the annual ritual of the school board approving the next … Continue reading

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Willy Wonka step aside

One nice thing about retirement is that you can finally take advantage of things you’ve wanted to do forever in your home town.  Yesterday, two friends and I joined a small group –there were about 14 of us– to take … Continue reading

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Yoga worth committing to

I had to give up Bollywood aerobics for a while because flinging my arms about caused some distress in my left shoulder.  And I haven’t done errand-walking for several days, because spending 5-10 minutes in an air-conditioned car is more … Continue reading

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No Summer Reading? Blame the blogs

Last year, friends who preceded me to the Land of Unemployment by Design led me to believe by their examples that I would be enjoying big chunks of time reading for pleasure, in other words, a return to yet another … Continue reading

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Treasure Hunt

I grew up near a beach and spent much of my childhood sloshing through tide pools, getting squirted by anemones, and collecting shells, kelp whips and other treasures that were not allowed past the patio outside the basement of our … Continue reading

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The Death of Spontaneity

Working in a profession that requires your full attention day after day and year after year easily leads to the death of spontaneity.  This occurred to me today, when my husband (on his one summer vacation day thus far) decided … Continue reading

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