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A dieter’s life

Dieting for the past few weeks has led me to reflect on the Catholic notions of penance and purgatory. Penance to atone for the sin of gluttony. Purgatory as a place that’s not Hell, but clearly is not Heaven either. … Continue reading

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Who cares for the caregivers?

What to do with baby boomers as we age?  Sunday’s sermon began with a series of quotes from a Japanese economist and government minister, who suggested that any of his countryman who were elderly and sick should curl up and … Continue reading

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Changing habits

Hundreds of habits allow us to live successfully through the weeks and years of our lives. Except when they don’t. That is, when they hurt our health, our relationships, or our careers. If you think that habits are difficult to change, … Continue reading

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Identity theft hits home

“Identity” with its various connotations is something I think about from time to time, but  never so much as yesterday when I learned that someone else was using mine. Yep. She had my social security number, birthdate, and a counterfeit … Continue reading

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“Characters welcome”

I’m obsessed with Heather, as well as a dozen of her friends and enemies.  She took over my walk at the Y this morning, causing me to lose count of my laps and then led me on a ramble around … Continue reading

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Goodbye Dragon, Hello Snake

Goodbye Dragon, Hello Snake.  When everyone at the New Year’s Eve party was  clinking their Champagne glasses to toast the new year, more than one person expressed hope that their 2013 would be an improvement over 2012, the Year of … Continue reading

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My 2013 resolution: make no resolutions

Four days into the new year, how many of you have stuck to the resolutions you made on January 1?  I made an insignificant one on December 29 and broke it January 1, which is why I now proclaim 2013 … Continue reading

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