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Leaving our comfort zones

“Whatever scares you, do it. Now.” That advice comes from Ken Budd, author of the article, “New Adventures, New Risks, New You,” and of a memoir with an exceedingly long title that begins with The Voluntourist: A Six-Country Tale… Budd has had … Continue reading

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When we are not the center of the universe

A good day happens when we are able to get outside ourselves.  The other day I saw a trailer for a movie (or was it reality TV?)  in which a young woman said, “I’m the center of the universe.” Most of … Continue reading

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Living in the Third Age

For me, yesterday’s tour of gardens on Vashon Island went beyond views of beautiful plants, homes, and garden art; it also brought the flowering of new insights. Two of the three of us who traveled to Vashon together have been … Continue reading

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A summer date at the zoo

orangutan: like me most days, trying to hide his hair Today was a Bad Hair Day at the Woodland Park Zoo. I know this because I visited the zoo this morning to see the new exhibit of warthogs and warty … Continue reading

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“Let it not happen again”

All memorials tell a story of loss, usually of lives. We’ve all seen them, from crosses on the side of the highway marking the scene of a fatal traffic accident to large-scale national memorials such as the Vietnam War Memorial. … Continue reading

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Handwriting to help the brain

Let’s hear it for handwriting.  If yours is as difficult to decipher as mine this is not a cheer you’ll take up. However, various studies show that substituting a pen in hand for the computer keyboard is good for our brains. … Continue reading

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Inventing stories

` Continue reading

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Graduations aren’t for everyone

I learned a lot about graduation ceremonies this week, beyond the fact that they’re long and boring.  Or maybe I learned less about the ceremonies and more about me. On Sunday and Monday, I attended my first two graduations — … Continue reading

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Dress for the occasion

Some situations call for appropriate dress. Luckily for me, I don’t often encounter those situations. But working people, pay attention. What you wear may save your career, your life or at least another entry on your rap sheet. Each occupation has … Continue reading

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Where to find happiness

All of us are seekers of happiness. Most people are looking for it as if it were a tangible object that once found they can hang onto forever.  How many of us have thought, If only this or that occurred … Continue reading

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