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Entitled to be lazy?

I’ve become lazy.  I have no idea why this happened.   When a friend who retired a year ago told me she had hired a house cleaner, I thought to myself, Not me.  I’d never do that. When I retire, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving as year-round activity

Did you know that feeling grateful is good for your health? Well it is.  You can learn all about it in a book published in 2007 titled, thanks! How the new science of gratitude can make you happier by Robert … Continue reading

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Carving jack-o-lanterns: an American experience

Instead of studying grammar, today’s English as a Second Language students studied ghosts and gremlins.  Everyone carved a pumpkin and then did a circle-the-word puzzle, in which Halloween-related words were embedded within a chart of seemingly random letters and could … Continue reading

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End of the road: day three

What a beautiful day!  We returned home via Highway 2 where we saw the most colorful landscapes, which I could not capture in anything but my memory, since I had forgotten to charge the camera battery the evening before.  In … Continue reading

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Road trip day two

Here’s what I wrote at the beginning, albeit a very late beginning, of day two. It’s Saturday noon and we’re sitting at a picnic bench in Old Mill Park near a boat launch on Lake Chelan on the outskirts of … Continue reading

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On the road again: day one

We left town for a three-day weekend (I’m using “weekend” out of deference to my husband who still goes to work, not for me, for whom every day could be Saturday), the first traveling we’ve done since we went to … Continue reading

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Fun with fungi

I just finished reading a creepy mystery called Into the Woods by Tana French.  Happily, yesterday’s visit into the woods with friend Marilyn was anything but creepy.  We went to a nearby lake and forest in search of chanterelles.*  She … Continue reading

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Thumbing our noses at aging

What do Pat’s Protein Pancakes; moisturizers, wrinkle creams and eye creams by Revlon and Olay; and Dr. Atkins’ Diet have in common?  These and dozens of other products are labeled by their creators as “age-defying.”  I recently purchased several products … Continue reading

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How much money is enough?

If you Google “biggest worry among retirees,” the most frequent links among the first zillion choices you’ll see are:  paying for out-of-pocket medical expenses or just having enough money to live on.  These links are interspersed with others featuring tips … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

When we tore down and rebuilt our house a few years ago friends asked, “What do you like the most about your new house?” and my answer was always “the little things, the improvements over the old house that others … Continue reading

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