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Seasons of change

Northwest skies are gray and our backyard plum and maple trees have already begun to let go of their leaves.  No matter how warm the days, nights are cool. Projects I began in the spring, then ignored while the sun … Continue reading

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Talking to strangers may be good for your health

Do you ever talk to strangers? My answer would be, “It depends on where I am and on my mood at the time.” My mother, however, would have said, “Always.” She considered the woman selling hot dogs at the Target … Continue reading

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Who cares for the caregivers?

What to do with baby boomers as we age?  Sunday’s sermon began with a series of quotes from a Japanese economist and government minister, who suggested that any of his countryman who were elderly and sick should curl up and … Continue reading

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Milestones in our lives

Today we’re celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary and we forgot to make plans. I turned to the internet for guidance. The ruby is the gemstone for the fortieth and the nasturtium is the flower. Unfortunately, my nasturtiums are a month away … Continue reading

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Self-esteem vs. self-compassion

Self-esteem, whether in children or adults, is a major target of the self-help movement. Self-esteem in our culture is closely connected to winning, showing ourselves as stronger, smarter, faster, harder working or more talented than others.  That’s one reason researcher … Continue reading

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Stories to create and preserve traditions

We all love a good story, but usually don’t think about the role stories play in our lives. In traditional societies, story telling helps preserve customs, pass on important knowledge and set behavioral norms.  According to the blog Architecture and … Continue reading

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Taking care

My 92-year-old mother has been in the hospital for the last four days.   As of today, it’s hard to tell whether she will leave the hospital in slightly improved health or will be ready for hospice care in the adult family … Continue reading

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