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Who is the fittest of them all?

Recently, I overheard the beginning of a conversation between two people at my local YMCA.  A woman asked the man on the stationary bike next to her how he was doing. He said, “I’m great.  Every day is a gift when you’re … Continue reading

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Creating a “reverse bucket list”

What are you leaving off your bucket list? Or better said, what do you absolutely never want to do before you die, also called a reverse bucket list?  Writer Katherine Bindley raised this question in a article on December 21. … Continue reading

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The “stuff” that dreams are made of

It’s two days after Christmas and the topic of gifts is still a current one. While I was sitting in the salon chair this morning, Michael, who has cut my hair for at least twenty-five years, asked whether I thought … Continue reading

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Worst gifts ever?

An article I read on gift-giving and gratitude reminded me of a funny story I heard this year. I’ll keep it short, since I suspect few people who celebrate Christmas have time to read emails and blog posts on December … Continue reading

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Making the most of 2011

There are ten days left in 2011.  How will you spend them?  I know someone who’s spending them in Hawaii, far from the Christmas bustle and loads of expectations at home. Others are traveling to and from family gatherings with … Continue reading

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Comfort zones

Setting is important, not just for movies and novels but in all our lives. It affects our moods, sense of safety and comfort levels. We associate settings with sad and happy occasions, particular friends, and significant events, and these surroundings … Continue reading

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I’m right, you’re wrong

Few experiences give us the same high level of satisfaction as winning an argument.  So says Kathryn Schultz in her book Being Wrong.  She says, “…the thrill of being right is undeniable, universal…” and “we can relish being right about … Continue reading

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Letting go of “shoulds”

A Sunday sermon triggered my original blog on “Letting go of expectations during the holidays,” which brought emails from friends with their own stories and inspired me to continue writing on the topic. Below are two examples of responses. I … Continue reading

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Getting lost as a tour guide, while seeing your hometown through others’ eyes

Familiar sights often look better to us when we take out-of-town guests to see them.  The enthusiasm of others makes us appreciate our hometowns more.  This happened to me today, when my co-teacher and I invited our adult Talk Time … Continue reading

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A leopard toilet seat cover is not on my Christmas list

What do a Japanese calendar with images of the Buddha, a pink hippopotamus Christmas tree ornament, a bumping and grinding Santa Claus, and an out-of-date box of frozen cookie dough have in common?  Not much, except that they were presents … Continue reading

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